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Signed with The People Store!

Settling in to the next chapter in Atlanta, Georgia and starting the new year off with new commercial Representation! Thrilled to be joining one of the Southeast's greatest premiere talent agencies. 2023 is shaping up to be the best year yet!

'FART the Musical' gets into the Austin Comedy Film Festival

This hilarious new short from NikoFrank Productions is making the rounds- this time landing in the Austin Comedy Film Festival this March! Being able to play Brian Tyler Brianson - The title role of "The Fart" was truly a 'blast'! Hit the link to check it out!


When I saw the casting notice for this one, I knew it had my name on it! Definitely some of the most fun I've had on set. Shout out to Stacy Gallo Casting and Working Not Working for having me onboard to spit some bars. Check out "We Love Recruiters"- WNW's first-ever brand campaign!

The New Voice of Checker's/Rallys!

Getting to do this campaign is a dream come true. I've been hooked on those Famous Seasoned Fries for YEARS. Listen out for national TV and radio spots of me going CRAZY over the good stuff they got cookin up at Checkers and Rallys. Hit the link below for one of my favs!

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