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A true southern gent from the state of Georgia. I grew up the son of a pastor and teacher, learning at an early age to harness and nurture the talents with in. My journey has allowed me amazing opportunities to build relationships and share my talents with others from stage productions across the country, entertainment on the high seas to audiences around the world, to the bright lights of Broadway.

 Currently residing in New York City, I've been blessed to connect and work with some of the greatest talent and collaborate with artists from all over the globe. Listen out for some my national voiceover projects with brands and networks like Nickelodeon, Adidas and Uber.


Thanks to a strong foundation established in the soulful sounds of a gospel choir years ago, this kid from a small town in Georgia is on a mission to impact the world. Just keep watching... "Anything is possible with a little faith and whole lot of handwork".


Dreaming Out  Loud

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